Monday, April 6, 2015

From Soldaat

Greetings and Salamanders!!

Just a little post from your roving reporter Soldaat,  I will post a shot or two every so often of my explorations in World of Warcraft.  I hope you enjoy our coverage of this wonderful world!  Thanks goes to my wife for asking me to be a part of this... She is the Brains behind the Business.  I have been playing wow for close to ten years now, and I AM Soldaat, really... that's it.  He is my only Level 100 toon, and I am proud to be the personality behind the model.  Enjoy your time in our great land!

-Good Journies to you, and may the blessings of Elune be upon you!

My Beautiful wife, Lunadaat.  IRL as well, yes... Awesomeness.

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